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LONESTAR Design Company is a company ran by an artist & graphic designer and the official site of Sergio E. Trevino, a Texas-born American artist & designer whose creative services help make local people, communities, and businesses shine by offering his creative services and providing consultation along with building trust.

LONESTAR is his local design company with a focus on a range of talents and skills. These skills and services, include focusing on branding, logo design, web design, marketing, advertising, and various creative fields such as graphic design, fine art, illustration, and photo restoration and photo touch-up. These can all be applied to various areas of your business. Other services involve managing or providing business consultation on SEO ( or search engine optimization and web ranking ) and bringing web traffic to your site, along with providing social media management, marketing, and consultation. Video & music creation and editing can be provided for any commercial marketing purposes, podcasts, or radio broadcast airplay. All of which can be beneficial to your business and greatly improve growth and profits within your company.

With LONESTAR, you are always involved in the all designing or marketing process and work directly with the artist / designer himself. There will never be any middlemen and you will always be in close contact. LONESTAR Design Company is the easiest and most flexible company your business can work with. These two qualities alone can save you time, money, and lets you to focus on your other business goals.


Please feel free to contact LONESTAR for any questions. Thank you for visiting the site and look forward to doing business with you. 

Let your business succeed, thrive, and shine.  



Business Services

Web Services

  • Web Design / Web Management

  • Website Development and Set-up

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Local SEO (Yelp, Foursquare, etc.)

  • Landing Pages

  • Webpage Content

  • Improve Google/Bing Ranking

  • Increase Traffic to Your Site

  • Personalized Email Addresses

  • Paid Traffic (Google AdWords, Bing Ads, etc.)

Design Services

  • Graphic Design / Logo Design

  • Ad Design / Advertising

  • Photography

  • Photo/Video/Audio Editing

  • Photo Touch-up (social media profile photo, cover photos)

  • Drone Photography / Aerial Photography

Marketing Services

  • Facebook Marketing / Ad Management

  • Ad Design

  • Ad Creation / Content Creation

  • Weekly Posts

  • Multiple Ad Campaign Management

  • Ad Testing / Research

  • Weekly Ad Reports

Email Marketing Services

  • Automated Email Systems

  • Auto-response Email

  • Email Schedules

  • Email Content

  • Weekly Email Reports

Training Services

  • Software Training / Tutorials

  • Lectures for Staff

  • Public Speaking

  • Consultation

  • Virtual Assistant / Assistance

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